Posted the morning of Febuary 14, 2013:

Very sad morning, dad passed away at 5:50.    Those of you who know dad understand what kind of man he was.
His dad told him as a child to never cuss, drink or smoke and he never did.    He served in WW2 as a Merchant Marine,
worked as a chemical plant operator and supervisor until he retired and spent his 80's walking two miles a day and
reading three or four books a week.    He loved going to church loved the Lord and his kids, grand kids and great
grand kids were his pride and joy.    I can honestly say if anyone deserves to make it to heaven he does and
I know he is there now.    I already miss him very much.    Love you dad.

Although he lived to be 88 not long before he passed he told his pastor that it all goes by so fast.
I so understand that now.

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